Site Search, Selection and Management
Finding the right environment for your event is one of the most important aspects of success. There are many things to take into consideration when finding the perfect venue; budget, location of attendees, time of year, and weather are key points to discuss prior to beginning the search. Our services include worldwide site research, selection and negotiations.

Surveys show that attendees consider logistics to be one of the most important elements of your event, and Escapade Productions can manage all aspects for you. Our services include hotel management, attendee registration, food and beverage, audio-visual, production services, transportation, security, decorating, electrical, communications, union contractors and whatever else it may take to bring your event to life.

Budgets and Financials
We will work collaboratively with you and your staff to create project budgets and profit models. Our goal is to make sure you can see where your program or campaign stands at any moment, from planning through project closure.

Marketing Plan Creation, Execution and Analysis
Escapade can develop a marketing campaign which will fit your budget! Whether you need extensive research done to find the right mailing lists, need a logo and collateral pieces designed, or an advertising schedule created, not only can we point you in the right direction, we can also execute all facets with our community of partners.

Registration Services
Motivating potential customers to respond to your marketing is your first important step, but the staff that answers the phones and responds to customers is just as important. Escapade has a dedicated, professional staff that can handle all aspects of your registration process.

Tradeshow Management and Support
Is a tradeshow part of your larger show, or is your company exhibiting at a tradeshow? If you need help getting all the components together for you to exhibit or to create a tradeshow plan, Escapade can handle the smallest of details or the whole enchilada.

Evaluation Development and Analysis
Attendees can tell you a great deal from a well-designed survey. We will work with you and your partners to create a survey to get you the answers you need. Escapade will also customize an easy-to-comprehend post event report.

Partner Management
Partners can validate your message, and build your bottom line with their sponsorship dollars. Finding the right partners and managing them well during the life of your event is key; especially for an event you are planning to grow from year to year. Escapade has the ability to manage all facets of partner relationships from sponsor package creation and sales to onsite management.

Volunteer and Temporary Staff Management
Large events need a large base of support staff, so your attendees and staff will feel taken care of. Escapade will research, contract, train and manage any temporary help or volunteers that are needed for the event.

Ancillary Events
You may need a special event to complement your large event or a small gathering that stands-alone. Whatever your needs may be for your next event, Escapade can help you make it more successful.

Project Management
Does your team need support? After all, they may have worked on 3 shows in a row and have had no time off. Do you need a company that can produce events, or manage the production of a website? Escapade Productions has over 25 years’ experience producing events, magazines, marketing materials, sales campaigns and websites. And, if it is outside our scope, we have a pool of experienced partners that are available to help make it happen for you.