Marci is the consummate events pro. Before we worked with her, An Event Apart was a tiny one-day conference, held in "creative" spaces with second-rate (or non-existent) services, attended by about 150 people per shot. Since we hired Marci as a consultant, we have rapidly grown into a web design conference powerhouse, hosting seven three-day events per year, selling out every event far in advance, and serving 400-500 highly motivated attendees at every show. From production to catering, from in-conference Wi-Fi to customer relations, everything to do with our show is first rate because of Marci. Her dedication is amazing, as is her attention to detail, her passion for excellence, the many hours she puts in that we aren't even paying her for, her experience, her business savvy, her compassion for the attendee, and her desire above everything else to ensure that the business owner succeeds and that the business grows. Marci's expertise and her refusal to let anything in her domain fall through the cracks frees my partner and me to focus exclusively on our conference's content. We would not be where we are without her.

Jeffrey Zeldman
Co-Founder, An Event Apart

I worked with Marci Eversole and the team at Escapade Productions over the span of 5 years to plan an annual event of over 600 attendees. Each year, her team surpassed expectations, managed the events with professionalism and, in short, made our planning committee look good. You can rely on their guidance and expertise to help you create a successful event.

Kirk Goodwin
Navigator Technologies, Inc.

Escapade Productions was able to take our concept, our small idea and turn it in to a highly successful annual event that is the cornerstone event for our industry. Without the firm’s experience, knowledge and just plain energy, our success may have never been realized. From venue selection and management through AV to speaker management, Escapade did it all!

John Kleb
Past President, Directions USA

Marci is a key reason why An Event Apart is what it is today. She was invaluable in helping us make the jump from small amateur events to the multi-day, professionally run conferences we now run. Furthermore, she brings her many years of experience and wisdom to the table in all our discussions, whether tactical or strategic. She remains an indispensable member of the team and we literally couldn't do what we do without her.

Eric Meyer, Partner and Co-Founder
An Event Apart: for people who make web sites http://aneventapart.com

When hiring Marci you get a consummate professional who is creative, solutions-oriented, passionate, honest, knows how to collaborate and who is willing to go outside the box.

Marci is always exceeding my expectations.

Alexis Post
Sr. Event Manager
Microsoft Corporation